Should I take promotion?

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Currently I work on the Helpdesk for a medium-sized company supporting internal and external issues. One of our two network analyst/administrators has left and my IT director is now offering me the job because he see's potential in me.

I am currently overqualified for my help desk role but I don't want to get into a position where I am undererqualified as a system admin. Currently I have about 2 years experience on Helpdesk, an associates degree in IS - networking, and Network+ cert. It almost sounds like a no brianer but I'm just not sure if it's too big of a step since I was thinking of leaving this company at some point and getting a desktop support type of role.

I would be working with another analyst and would be recieving tons of training so I wouldn't be going in alone but I'm just not sure, any advice would be appreciated.


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    Sounds like your road was paved with gold, and yes I agree it's a no-brainer. :)
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    The only dilemma you should be having here, is this the area you want to work in? if yes then GRAB the opportunity with both hands.
    If your IT director sees the potential in you that’s great news and will help you make the move. You've already said your not going to be alone so the support structure is there and given they know your background\experience already there not going to expect too much of you too soon icon_smile.gif

    People are crying out for roles like this, you've done your time in the trenches now time to take the step up and start developing your skills further icon_smile.gif

    My only watch point would be the salary, they will probably low ball you in terms of starting, if that’s the case try to set some decent increment marks for the future with achievable bench marks set.
    That said if it was me I’d take the job even without a pay rise for the experience alone and then jump ship latter for the money lol
    if I say something that can be taken one of two ways and one of them offends, I usually mean the other one :-)
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    If you are trying to break into Sys Admin. then grab this bull by the horns and do it.

    Dont worry about being underqualified, absorb all you can and knock out some certs in the meantime to get up to speed.

    SECURE PROPER PAY IN AN OFFER BEFORE ACCEPTING. Its possible they think they can fill the spot and undercut you because you already work there. While it sounds like a good opportunity, do not let them take advantage of you.
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    Thanks for the advice guys, this is the path I want to go down so I'm going to do it :)
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