question on logging levels??

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hello to you all cisco gurus! :)

i was just reading about the logging today
and found out that there are 7 levels to it.

my question is if i set the level to 4 what is
that going to log? what does each level going to
log? for example, if i want to log the down state of my
wan interface, which level of logging i need to
on to BCMSN ^=============^

2 x 3550 EMI
2 x 2950
2 x 3640
1 x 2621


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    Get to know your logging options in the Cisco IOS

    * 0—emergencies
    * 1—alerts
    * 2—critical
    * 3—errors
    * 4—warnings
    * 5—notification
    * 6—informational
    * 7—debugging

    Setting level 4 will log warnings, errors, critical, alerts and emergencies.

    Level 3 will let you know if the interface goes down
    Level 5 will let you know if the line protocol on the interface goes down and if the interface goes down.

    I tested what levels log the interface down messages by using the global config command "logging console [Level]". I started at level 0, disconnected and reconnected a cable and continued up the levels.
    I did this on a 2950 switch.
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    Also if you choose Level 7 or 6 , it will log the lower levels as well. So the higher will include the numbers below as well. You also need to set this up either on a log server or locally on the buffer.

    opps didnt see the user above me already posted the link...
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    these also equate to unix syslog levels

    one of the nice things is that you can use something like syslog-ng to capture each level and log it to it's own log. It's a whole lot easier to write software that can react to new entries in a level3 log than to have to parse the entire log file
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