Which path should I take

michael_knightmichael_knight Member Posts: 136
I passed the BSCI and BCMSN exams and was going to finish up my ccnp after my college classes end this may. Should I take the ont and ISCW exams or should I take the TShoot


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    What do you feel more comfortable with?
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    It is really your choice to be quite honest. ISCW and ONT you would have to complete before July 31st. Which only gives you three months to complete two exams. It "could" be possible, but I highly doubt you would retain much of the material. Either way you're going to need to know the material. How many hours do you think you could dedicate per day to studying for these exams? TSHOOT may be a better route for you unless you feel 100% confident that you will be able to complete both exams within the three month time frame.
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    I haven't taken ISCW yet but the material isn't difficult imo. Probably the toughest thing in it is the ipsec stuff, but it's really not that difficult once you understand the concepts. After that, remembering all the individual pieces you have to configure is cake. ONT was easy imo.

    I don't know how fast you study so think about what your next goal is too. If you were gonna do CCVP or CCIP, it would make sense to do ONT last because the QoS exam will be similar. If you're going to do security, do ISCW last since there's a lot of overlap between ISCW and CCNA:Security and one of the CCSP level exams.
  • michael_knightmichael_knight Member Posts: 136
    some good advice, I don't feel 100% confident that I would pass both exams by July 31st, but I would definitely try my hardest. As far as study time, right now I'm in school 6 hours a week. I could devote the same time to studying for CCNP but that would be starting June 1. If I do take the Tshoot how long are the bsci and bcmsn valid for? As much as I wanted to beat the July 31st date I'm starting to think that maybe taking the one T-Shoot would be better for me. I would have to start from scratch either direction I go, I'm definitely not someone who works with switches and routers all day long.
    As far as what I want to do next, that would be CCDA/DP After that I'll probably go the security route. With my new job, I'm not working with much Cisco equipment anymore and now that I'm getting older, I really don't feel like pulling cables and racking 6500's anymore
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