CCNA - Day 7

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Alright, here goes.
1) I am official done reading the CCNA Voice certification guide thanks to the some train reading yesterday and today.
2) 250 flash cards, (that is down from 350!)
3) Spent 3 hours on a UC520 today. I found out that the CCA 2.2 is VERY different from the one that Jeremy demo in the cbtnuggets and in the book. I found the screens okay though. I thought that this isn’t a bad thing though. Check it out, it really forced me to think through the situation and exposed me to the new way of doing things.
4) Did most UC500 ciscocommunity labs, skipped some that were “obvious” labs. I might have a couple more.
5) Really played with the service engine and modules interfaces in the UC500 and managed to break it. Had to call it a night before I got it back working so I gotta figure that out tomorrow. I think I might need a static route to the service module or something

Coming along, slow and steady.
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