Didn't pass 70-621 for the 3 time!

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Okay so I'm a little upset and want to see if my train or thought is correct or not.

I took this exam back in Jan and I only had the book that covered 70-620 and without studying for the enterprise part of this test I got a 580 and pass the 70-620 easily.

So I went to exam obtain the Microsoft book MCIPT Self Paced training kit for 70-622. Read it front to back and went and took this test for the second time. Same result it was like I didn't even study for it even though so I did. That was Feb 19th.

Today after studying a lot more making this Self Paced kit my best friend over the last few weeks and doing all the virtual labels on msevents.microsoft.com I got the same exact score!

What I've observed is that a lot of the questions are not covered by the Self-Paced book and in addition to that it's only 22 questions and it doesn't cover everything or even a big portion of what is covered in the book.

So my train of thinking is this. The 70-622 book was not tailored for the enterprise questions on the 70-621 but was better tailored for the broader exam of 70-622.

So do you think it would be a good idea for me to take the 70-620 obtain the MCTS Certification and then take the 70-622 which will pose the questions that the book I've been studying is actually tailored to?

What are your thoughts?


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    Sorry to hear that bro. I know how you feel and i have my Net+ tomorrow. Just stick with it dont ever EXCEPT defeat!!! Not saying you are by any means but just remember the only tests that count are the ones you PASS. Good Luck in the Future
    Kyle Hook
    AAS Computer Network Engineer

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    Do you think going for the wider example will help?
  • WilliamMGaryWilliamMGary Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Took a practice test last night one of the questions I didn't have a clue about the answer sent to the chapter and the lesson it ref in the book didn't even touch any where around the question.

    So I think I need a new book to study from and then i will just take the 70-622 rather then the 70-6621
  • Hyper-MeHyper-Me Banned Posts: 2,059
    The 70-621 is nothing more than a compilation of the 620 and 622. The 622 was a vastly more difficult exam than the 620. Its likely that you just arent processing what you are reading to memory. There are a lot of nuances and things that one must remember when dealing with enterprise level features.
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