RIP/OSPF redistribute problem

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See attached pic of network lay out.

On R4 I have 3 loopbacks. R5 can see them with "show ip route" but cant ping them. I am trying to redistribute the rip route from R4/R1 to the ospf network through area 0 to area 34. All the routers in area 0 can ping the loopbacks on R4 that was learned by ospf via the rip injection on R1. R2/R5 are setup with a virtual-link.

interface Serial0
ip address
router ospf 100
network area 34

interface Serial1
ip address
clockrate 56000

router ospf 100
network area 34
network area 0

simple point to point yet R5 cant ping the routes it learned about on R4 with ospf but can ping anything in Area 0 and Area 34. Any help would be great, Thanks


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    little more info. R4 does nto have any area 34 ip's in its route table. I do a tracert and the ping gets to R1 then stops so R4 does not know how to get the ping back to R5, but why?
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    OK I found the magic command.

    On R1 I had to put this in to get everything to work

    router rip
    redist ospf 100 match int metric 10

    I will leave this thread incase anybody else runs into this problem.
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