Start with the simplist


I plan to start the MCITP books, I already have the 640 book but would like to start the easiest, its been a good 5 years since I passed the 270 so ide rather get the easy one out of the way first which would give me a massive boost in getting all the others, am not to keen on putting the hours in due to having 3 kids but I know you need to in order to pass it

If you have passed one and thought it was a lot easier or there was less information to cram in then please let me know



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    rsuttonrsutton Member Posts: 1,029 ■■■■■□□□□□
    If you work with Server 2008, AD & related roles on a daily basis the 83-640 should be easy for you. The simulator also makes it an easier exam, assuming you have some hands on experience.
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