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Greetings All:

If any of you do/have work/worked for the government (as an EMPLOYEE not a CONTRACTOR) how long does it usually take from the time of the application to being hired on. I ask because I received an email a couple of days ago about my resume being forwarded on to a recruiter about an position I applied for just 2 days prior to that. They deemed that I qualified for the job. To me this seems like they are moving somewhat fast and I am curious about what other people have experienced.


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    I state the obvious, "Why would the gov need a recruiter?" Sounds like BS.
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    rage_hog wrote: »
    I state the obvious, "Why would the gov need a recruiter?" Sounds like BS.

    Not BS.

    The recruiter for the government job works with certain sections or sub divisions. In this case, it is for the Air Force Materials group (My father, who does work for WPAFB works for this group. He's put in almost 27 years doing research chemistry however he has no friends in the IT group).

    I have done this before (applied to government jobs and such) and I pretty much know how they work but I have never had my resume referred to anyone. I was just wondering about other peoples experience.

    You can go here and look at government jobs. USAJOBS - The Federal Government's Official Jobs Site
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    Ok, cool. Normally HR just contacts you directly. That has been my experience. That is why I said BS. If it works for you man do it.
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    rage_hog wrote: »
    Ok, cool. Normally HR just contacts you directly. That has been my experience. That is why I said BS. If it works for you man do it.

    Lol. I have had the same experience. I guess they are more up front about saying if they are going to contact you or not which I think is really cool.
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    I think it depends on the pay level (GS-7, 9, 12, etc) and the number of applicants.

    Still, 2 days seems really fast to me. I applied for an internship position that was only open for a week back in January. I just got my questionnaire results this past week (score in low 90's). Still waiting on word if I was passed on to a "manager." I even called the local office and they said the job was still open and they were going through apps.

    Again, this may just apply for contractors, but it has been my experience.

    I guess instead of "wait and see", it should be "wait and, well.. wait some more"
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    i work as a contractor for the Gov but i know alot of people that have made the transition from contractor to gov employee.

    ALL but one person that i know that made this transition already knew the hiring manager for the position and they were told to apply for that job code.

    also ive seen that after they got thier package signed and all the paper work compelted its taken as short as 2 months to a year for them to actually get sworn in and start as a fed employee. the latter is more common. also you have to redo your clearance when you go in as a gov employee (at least with the agency i work for). its fast if your already cleared but if not it can take a while.
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    Look for FCIP (Federal Career Intern Program) programs. I got in through one of these and it's the easy way to get into government. And if you do get in, stay because it's pretty damn hard to get into federal positions. There's a reason why most of the people I meet in my work place never changed jobs once they got's called job security :D

    Don't bother with USAJobs, that path will take you forever. For most FCIP programs you need at least a BS I think and will get you in GS-7/GS-9 positions. I graduated in June 2009 (BS in EE) and now work in a Navy lab doing information assurance work. PM me if you need more info and good luck.

    BTW, if you plan to work for DoD you will need at least a Secret (and in some cases TS) security clearance.
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    From what I have been seeing lately... It has been taking several people close to 4 months. Depends for what Agency you are going to work for.

    check out
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    I interviewed for a government position a while back and was contacted directly by the hiring manager. I did not feel to "excited" I was called because they guy was like "sir you were selected for an interview, is there a time that would work out best for you". He did not sound very enthusiastic. I posted about the job interview a while back, it was lower position that I had but I was about to lose my job and saw this as a good opportunity to get my foot in the door.

    I ended up making some excuse not to go and the guy called me back a week later to reschedule....I was like "ok what the hell lets do this"

    I went and one of the people were giving me "wtf are you interviewing for this position" looks the whole time.

    I was pretty much told I was over qualified and I would not be happy. Basically I just wanted a job, I would have given them 150 percent in the position.
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