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I'm building my CCNA Lab, I currently have the following equipment:

(1) 2650XM-128/48
(2) 1760-96/32
(2) 2950C

I have a little left in my budget, enough to buy another 2650XM or a 2950C, which would be better. I plan on pursuing my CCNP after.


  • astorrsastorrs Member Posts: 3,139 ■■■■■■□□□□
    I'd go with the 2650XM over another switch; two layer-2 switches is enough, if you want to add additional switches you'd might as well look at 3550/3560's (since you'll need those for the CCNP).
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    Do you have any WICs for those 1760s or NM for the 2600XM?

    It's easier to understand the VTP modes when you have 3 switch. That way with the transparent switch in the middle, you can still see the VLAN updates on the Server get ignored by the transparent switch, but passed through to the client switch. STP is also a little bit clearer when you have 3 switches rather than just 2.

    If you toss an NM-4A/S into the 2600XM it can act as your frame relay switch. At one point you'll want one router to act as your hub router & also have 2 spoke routers so you can figure how to get them talking to each other via the hub router. You can't do that with just one hub and one spoke router. You can try using the 2650XM as the frame relay switch AND one of the spoke router... I've always dedicated a router for use as a frame relay cloud, but there's now reason it can router out of it's non-frame relay switch interfaces.

    The 3rd switch can be a cheap 2924XL-EN, but they're all over $20 or $25, then it might just be worth getting another 2950 (I picked up another 2950 a couple months back on eBay for $31 -- I didn't really need it, but for that price it was just to good pass up).

    The 4th router (if you didn't want the 2650XM to be the frame switch and a router) can be a $50 1721 "desk mount" -- I think those can run 12.4 Advanced Enterprise or 12.4T Advanced IP Services IOS Feature Sets. But you'd want to get one already loaded with memory and one of those IOS images.
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  • rc51bossrc51boss Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I have a NM-8A/S in my 2650XM, and both my 1760's have WIC-1t and WIC 1DSU-T1's.
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