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Hey guys I'm still so confused on this topic have been for awhile and was wondering if anyone that has went through the entire CCNA that understand VLSM could help me out by pointing me to or sending me ANY material over it that helped them maybe? Any help would be great. I have plenty of stuff over it but thats just the way it goes you dont understand it until you get that "right" piece of study material where it just "clicks" im waiting for that..hehe. thanks in advance
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    Alot of people recommend Todd Lammle for learning subnetting, but I learnt it with this thing right here:
    Binary Math Subnetting Hex For Cisco CCNA Certification Exam
    It's just a matter of doing it many times before you can do everything in your head. It only took me a couple of days when I finally found the time to sit down with it :)
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    first master subnetting, this post drove it home for me.

    There are some VLSM examples in the post if you read them all.
    I don't claim to be an expert, but I sure would like to become one someday.

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    I used Chris Bryants stuff but I had an advantage since I alreay knew Hex, Oct and Bin. But he made it very simple for it to "click" with my learning style.
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    There's too many sources out there like the other members have posted. Eventually you'll find one style that "clicks" with you and you just get it.

    It's really hard to say, I'm not sure how I learned it either, I struggle with it when I'm not doing it everyday but it has "clicked" with me. I just dust myself off and get back into the groove.

    The word everyone seems to use is "click". Because that's what happens....it takes time....
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    I watched Tod Lammle video's on the subject, and read every single reasource i could get my hands on, it's not that hard once you really 'get' it. until then it really holds you back on futher progression, so make sure you truely understand it.

    what are you specifically having trouble with anyway?

    there must be something about vlsm you're not quite sure on..
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    Yea thanks for your help guys ill check em out. I mean I know subnetting pretty well to where if someone gives me an ip and says i want 600 hosts or 200 subnets and i can break it down. But when it comes to VLSM it just gets me because then they might want 25 hosts on this subnet then 55 on this subnet and you cant use a block once its been used or something. ahhhh!! lol just gets to me.
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