NVI interface

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How may people use the NVI and NAT enababled interface method of setting up NAT?

Now waht I have set up is possible completly wrong and one part does not work correctly.

First how should I really deal with the two public IP address? my ISP has a route through to me so people comming in to thoses address from the outside get though just fine and they get translated. but should the be assigend to an interface and if so what kind? (loopback, Physical ??)

I also have an issue with a PC's inside tryin to ge to the webserve using its public IP address. I kniow what I need to do is NAT hairpinning so a device comming from the inside going to the public IP address is natted back ino the network. (PC get the website IP from public DNS servers, as the website domain name is different to the what domin the local DNS server is authoritive for)

Any one want to expline how to set up NAT address hirpinning?
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