needs some motivation!!!

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I've taken this exam twice, and failed. I know the reason why! my lack of effort on studies. I've read some test takers use nuggets and transcenders, did you pay for those or are there some free bees floating around? I need some more material to get me back on the saddle. I have my 2nd shot left and I need to make it count.

Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!!!


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    There are no free versions of nuggets or transcender. They are expensive, but worth it. These and hands on lab experience are the best options for you to pass this test. I have only ever failed 1 cert exam and I study for around 100 hours per test.
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    Although i am a cisco guy, i would recommend spending another months practicing. Spend this week to gather more material and start next monday or this weekend on a new schedule to destroy the exam within a month.

    As for motivation here are a few sites.

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    Babeology's Newest Hottie - Stars Feature at IGN

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    There is enough motivation in those links lol
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    I feel your pain about studying for 290. I took the exam last month, after what seemed like an eternity of studying. I passed it...but barely. My primary study tools were the Sybex book and the PrepLogic megaguide. Those aren't free, but they aren't too expensive either.

    My best advice would be to take your exam results and hit the areas you did poorly on and review the heck out of them. I know it can be disheartening not to pass, but failing a real exam makes for a great practice test!

    Good luck on your next attempt. The 3rd time's the charm!
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    You can try to get the tesout videos and labsim (not free) or you can try to download the trial version of server 2003 with either virutal pc or vmware and find labs from the sybex books for more hands on. Either way concentrate on areas you lacked on and try to do a rinse repeat study on it.
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    Thanks guys! I'm in the process of finding new material, and I'll review on the areas I'm most weak on.
    The links are motivating alright lol....
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    I too have failed the 70-290 exam twice. My third attempt will be this Wednesday. As well, I am using my second shot for this one.

    One point that's been covered is to use your exam results sheet and target the areas you were weak at.

    My motivation to pass this exam is because I want to try and complete this, 70-291, 70-293 and 70-294 because I made the decision to invest in the Microsoft Press Training Kit textbooks. The exam vouchers included will be expiring after Dec 2010 and I want to try and get these four courses done before this deadline.

    Aside: I have a friend who manages a local desktop-consulting company. A few weeks ago, I received a phone call thinking he was wanting to hang out since we haven't seen each other in months. NOPE! He called me because he needed to ask me some Server 2003-related questions. He accepted a customer job where the client needed to upgrade his Server 2000 domain to Server 2003 domain. The scary part was that my friend was depending on Google (which is fine, but to a limit) to complete this heavy task. I ended up giving him a little bit of my understanding about Server 2003 from my schooling in 2004-2005, but that was that. I just want to point out that perhaps, this is the reason why we have the Microsoft certification system in the first place!

    Best wishes!
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