Establishing a connection?

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What layer is responsible for this.? Some books say Transport some Session. Im confused. I think that it's establishing a connection is transport and establishing a session is Session layer. Is there a difference? How do I answer this on the test? Please help.. Thanks. I'm taking the test tomorrow.


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    I know this can be very confusing...but this is my take on it

    I believe Session layer establishes a connection between machines for a service. For example if you wanted to access a webserver the combo of an IP address and a port (in this case 80) would create a session between you and the server letting it know that you want to access the service of viewing the webpage and use http

    The transport layer would establish a virtual connections making sure all the http transmission during the session would be error free since in this case http uses the transport protocol TCP. Both the server and your client machine would communicate to eachother by saying the data was sent and recieved. Once you are done your client machine will say you are finished and the virtual connection is no longer required.

    The connection using the session layer will now also be finished. Meaning you no longer need to use that IP address and port since you no longer want to browse the webpages of the server

    If you are confused please reply back
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    Have you read the TechNotes on this site? Webmaster writes things that are real easy to understand :)
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    Thanks guys for your help, but I still quite don't get it. It's alright though. I took the test this morning and passed with a 846 score. Luckily I didnt have any questions like this.

    To help out some of you Network+ candidates. I did get a question about wich two levals OSI levals does the NIC function on. So I didn't have to wonder if I would pick physical or data link. It wanted both. Off topic i know, but I thought some people would like this iformation. Well I passed, now Im going to do a memory ****. Love these boards. Helped me a lot.
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    Hey man CONGRATS & don't forget to add it to your certifications icon_wink.gif
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    Congrats, what do you think you wanna go for next?
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    Congratz :D
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    Im not sure what ill do next, im already thinking about it though. I have my elctronic engineering diploma, and A+ and net+ certification now. I'm eithor going to take electical mechanical because of my diploma, or take that desktop microsoft certification. I know for sure it's not going to be a comptia certifacte though.
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