CCENT issues i need to clear up before i write

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Could anyone tell me what the bootup process for a Router is ?
Is it
ROM-to load bootstrap code
FLASH-to load IOS
NVRAM-to load the startup file
RAM -to run the start up file
Also what is the order of the boot commands does tftp comes before ram
in the sequence

Also what is the 802.11 w standard??


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    1. POST (power on self test)
    2. Bootstrap code executed
    3. Check Configuration Register value (NVRAM) which can be modified using the config-register command

    0 = ROM Monitor mode
    1 = ROM IOS
    2 - 15 = startup-config in NVRAM

    4. Startup-config file: Check for boot system commands (NVRAM)
    If boot system commands in startup-config
    a. Run boot system commands in order they appear in startup-config to locate the IOS
    b. [If boot system commands fail, use default fallback sequence to locate the IOS (Flash, TFTP, ROM)?]

    If no boot system commands in startup-config use the default fallback sequence in locating the IOS:
    a. Flash (sequential)
    b. TFTP server (netboot)
    c. ROM (partial IOS) or keep retrying TFTP depending upon router model

    5. If IOS is loaded, but there is no startup-config file, the router will use the default fallback sequence for locating the IOS and then it will enter setup mode or the setup dialogue.
    6. If no IOS can be loaded, the router will get the partial IOS version from ROM

    The 802.11 is wireless, there are differn't standards such as 802.11b/g etc, you will need to do some homework on each specific one.
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    Hey Hexam ..

    Thanks for the update..
    The wireless standard I was referring to was the w standard ..
    I am familiar with the a/b/g/n standards but not the W standard
    do you perhaps have some general info on that standard like
    speed,frq,have checked only info i get is that it has more security features..Also a HUGE THANK YOU for the other info you h ave provided
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    IEEE 802.11w-2009 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the w standard is just a security update. not a new standard for speed etc
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