Just passed 70-271

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Spent about 7-8 weeks studying. It may seem a bit excessive, but I never really want to take the test until I'm very sure that I know the material very thoroughly. My goal is to know everything I possibly can, and not just to get a passing score. Well anyways, onto my testing experience.

I used MS Press, Sybex, and CBT Nuggets for training material. Honestly, you can probably skip Sybex book, the information presented in Sybex was not really helpful, if anything, the material was a bit misleading. A lot of the topics that are presented in CBTNuggets showed up in the exam.

The test was 49 questions. The test structure and difficulty was very similar to Transcender exams. If anything, the actual test was slightly easier.

My tips for anyone who takes the exam : READ THE QUESTIONS THOROUGHLY! With most of the questions, you can actually eliminate most answers just by reading the question slowly. There is no need to rush.

[a bit too much exam info, removed by Webmaster]

Well, I'm taking 5 days off, then off to complete the 272 (hopefully, by the end of this month)

Happy studying! icon_study.gif


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    Congrats on pass!! Nice score icon_thumright.gif
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