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I am really being overwhelmed. I am trying to study for my 220-302 tests having just passed 220-301. I can't seem to get a handle on the OS part. I have heard of these "Brain ****" and was wondering if there was anything to them. Are they good to use to study for the test? If they are, please, someone post some links for me to try. Like I said, I am having troubled making any of the 220-302 stuff make any sense to me. I have no background in computers what so ever. I have really hit a brick wall, and I need someone out there to please help me. I don't trust most of the products I see for sell, and I am not sure even of which ones I would need. I wouldn't mind having to spend some more money to get me on the right track. I just need some good advice to get me steered in the right direction. I have been using A+ Certification by Mike Meyers and A+ for Dummies, but the more I try to read and study the more confused I become. Help


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    Only real dummies use Brain ****. Here's a good article that explains them more. Also, this site does condone the use of, nor tolerate the spread of such material or links within the site.

    I understand it can be difficult at times, and it's good that you asked first. In the future, you'll thank yourself. I also used Mike Myers AIO guide for A+(2001), along with the Technotes. If you can afford it, I would reccomend maybe Transcender, as they are very thorough and complete. Try to relax when you study, unless you have a deadline for the exam, which you shouldn't, as it creates undued pressure. Try making a shcedule of your studies; as in look at each day, and how much time you have to study. Make time each day, but be sure not to overstudy, as you'll wind getting brainfried. Make sure you're comfortable with each chapter and objective before advancing. You have what it takes, now calm down, study up, and pass.
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    Ricka182 writes:
    Make sure you're comfortable with each chapter and objective before advancing. You have what it takes, now calm down, study up, and pass.

    And, this is correct.

    Remember, you're testing to demonstrate that you know your stuff when it comes to a basic, entry-level knowledge of OSs. It's not supposed to be easy. Brain **** just keep you in the dark because all they let you do is learn answers to questions which may or may not be correct. They also let you ****, support thieves, and put youself in danger of being caught and never being permitted to have any certifications. They're poison and completely destroy the intention of certification. Avoid them at all costs.

    I also had the same feelings of being overwhelmed when I was in your shoes. I thought I never would get it all put in place. It helped a lot to get copies of these OSs and practice installing them and working with them some while following along in a good study manual. If you can do it, you should.

    Hey, if it was easy, no one would even care if you had certs!

    Best of luck!
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