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laying all my cards on the tables here i am currently 19 and the current course i am on is i think ocr pratical level 3 in networking but it has cisco units in, and if i pay for a test i could get ccna, i am also doing a night class, city and guides installing and maintaining software "we also striped computers down built them back up etc... the thing is what to do if i pass the ccna, i love networking and building pc but what will i need to get a job, i know my college also does A+ but i dont know if i can enroll until next year (plus i dont want to burn myself out with currently having a part time job and social life) but i do know thats only one day a weekm but after that i dont know what to do ie either get a job and do more certifications or do a hnc (higher national certificate) or what. the thing is there is so many certs out there that i dont know what to pick up?


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    is there any way you could do something like an independent study for a cert at your college and get credit for it?

    I was able to do that for my network+. All I had to do was keep a journal of my studies and give my advisor a bi-weekly update. I got the cert and 3 credits out of it.

    That way you can add it as a course, not have to goto class, and not burn yourself out in the process.
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    well im stuck on what to do after the ccna ill think ill do the A+ next year thou
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    what about a linux cert? I think that would make you more markatable especially since you already will have the CCNA.

    www.lpi.org offers a real good cert for linux
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    i mite do since i already use linux at home but what which certs are best for a network admin or network engineer whats the difference between a network admin or a network engineer what i am trying to say really is if i get the ccna what to do next!!!! what type of job can you get with the ccna
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    CCNA is just a necessaty when u want to be in the networking industry. There are many other higher level certs. check out at cisco.com
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