CCNA - Day 8

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Alright everyone, basically worked through the night and on my train rides since friday, but here is where I am

1) Completely CVoice and CCNA-Voice CBTnugget worked through everything
2) Setup and resetup a UC500 at least a dozen times with various setups
3) Worked through every lab in the lab guide more than once
4) I did all the Q&A in the Exam Cram book witgh flying colors as a pre-test.
5) Still working though the Q&A that came with the Cisco press book, but I feel like I am doing fine.
6) spent a lot of time with messing with FXO/FXS stuff last night

I have been getting a good chunk of real world experience lately too. Cut over a SIP trunk. Rewired a clients closet. Configured voice mail and IVRs for some clients. Latency and QoS issues for a small client. So I think I am ready to tackle the test.

Any recommendations before I book it?
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