passed the CCNA tonight, YAY!! ... now what?

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I passed the CCNA tonight (barely!) on my first try. And was I sweating!! I thought I was doing really bad; the only thing that probably saved me was that I got both sims correct. If this helps anyone, I used Richard Deal's book from McGraw Hill, and I've been studying that nonstop for the past couple of weeks (I can't find a job so it leaves me a lot of free time!). It comes with a Boson simulator which helped me a lot, since I don't have any hardware to practice on. I'm going to buy some stuff once I get money.

I just graduated with a CS degree a few months ago, so I've gone over some of these topics and used the hardware before in my Sys Admin classes. Also, the posts on this forum helped so thanks to all of yall!!

I just bought the Sybex book for the Network+ certification tonight, and I'm going to study and outline that book and try to take the test in a few weeks.

Can anyone suggest other certifications for me to maybe make me more marketable (pardon the alliteration) ? I don't want to think about a CCNP yet (I'd like a real job first!). I was thinking about an Oracle certification since I took a couple database classes. I also like Linux a lot but the Red Hat exams looked expensive.

I'll start the Net+ book tomorrow, but tonight I'm just gonna watch football and let my brain rest. Go Pack. Go Walker (he's on my fantasy team).


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