Got a 700 on the 290 today!!

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Talk about sneaking by!! I started the MS Press book about 1 1/2 weeks ago and was finishing it mid-last week . So I signed on to Prometric to schedule a test date and ideally I was thinking sometime between this Wednesday- Friday would perfect. But in my area they either had 9:15AM this morning or I was looking at the 14th or 15th for the next closest dates. Anxious to get started on the 291 I took todays appointment, pretty much knowing that I wasn't giving myself enough time to prepare, but I thought if I fail I can just take my free retest on around the same dates as if I were to wait anyway.
The test certainly wasn't brutal, I just hadn't locked in all the info. I actually was expecting to see a fail and was more shocked to see that I had passed- with a 700. Although I am happy to have passed, my goal wasn't to just skate by on these tests to be paper certified. So I will need to devote some more time on working through more of the Part2 objectives/scenarios.


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    Congrats, a pass is a pass, I wouldn't consider you paper certified. I failed today with a 670. I wasn't really ready but, since I was using a voucher I thought I'd go for it. Now I wish I would have studied a little more because it wasn't that bad of a test. I hadn't took a MS test since 2003 and this was not like my test in the past and was very straight forward. The sims were not that hard and, that's what may have helped me some but, some of the monitoring & wsus questions I struggled on.
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    Congrats on the cert!
    You obviously know more than you thought if you passed it with a 700 and the certificate doesn't tell your score.
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