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hi guys
i downloaded the CWNA book which link was put in an earlier post here . i took a quick look at it and noticed it was mainly all theory , i mean no configuration and commands and stuff like in CCNA , i thought they teach us to configure Acces points etc etc ...
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    You are right, it's not like the CCNA exam at all. But the CWNP exams are not comparable to Cisco exams. Cisco exams are vendor-specific, CWNP exams vendor-neutral. If you want to learn how to configure Cisco AP's you should go for the Cisco wireless certs instead, for any other brand a quick look at the product documentation will usually do. CWNA is an excellent introduction to wireless networking and provides a solid foundation. But it isn't all theory, if you know everything in that book, you'd be able to configure pretty much any AP and client and actually understand why it should be configured like that and understand the consequences of the basic configuration.
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    To add, Once you have the "theory" cert out of your way, you move on to the next cert offered by CWNP. The 'AP and "SP are more hands-on compared to the "NA
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    JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,031 Admin
    sbhasin wrote:
    The 'AP and "SP are more hands-on compared to the "NA
    Wellllll...I'm studying for the CWSP now, and I'd have to say it has mostly concepts and theory like the CWNA, and really nothing that I'd describe as "hands on."

    There is quite a bit of detail about specific security applications and mechanisms (e.g., IPSec, WAP, 802.1x, RADIUS, etc.) and systems (authentication, cryptographic, etc.), but nothing "hands on" in the way of actual vendor-specific configurations, or designing a secure WLAN.
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