Composite (FAILED!!!!!)

shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
I took it today. Been studying off and on for a while, decided to give a crack

790 was passing. I got a 758.

Ran out of time. There are some questions are are very, very, very easy. Others are damn near impossible. I dont know how well I did in each area due to running out of time, but the routing questions were very stright fowared, The switching was iffy for me and some of the sims were very hard and others very easy. I think its more on how much you practice and what you have access with. This is a very passable exam with proper preparing. I will be trying again in 10 days since I'm so close.
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    Sorry to hear that man. Good luck on the next one!
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    sorry to hear that, that why i did the 2 test route
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    shodown you will get it but yeah doesn't it feel bad? I know when I failed
    a couple man did I just get depressed for a day or so but babe ruth struck out many times in baseball before he became great. There is hope for those who fall! you can do it man! hammer time!
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    I feel you buddy I failed the BSCI and my ICND2 the first time around. Just come back later and pass with flying colors!
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