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    Whats the main difference between the old 640-721 exam and the new 640-722
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    Well I'm glad I've read these posts, I was about to buy books and start preparing for the CWNA but after reading all of the posts saying about how hard this exam is I kinda got discouraged. I want to start studying again but I'm just not really sure what path or what certs to go for. I'm currently employed with Government as a technical support analyst with 13 years experience, I am A+, Network+, MCDST, MCSA 2003, MCITS. I think I may go towards the Security+ instead of the CWNA. Probably less demanding but still good training for what I do. And likely better to retrain my brain by starting with something not so heavy.
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    I'm currently studying for the CWNA exam and have been studying for ~35 hours so far. It's lots of new information to learn and I'm expecting to need at least 50 hours more of study before taking the exam. I'm using the OSG, CWNA Live Lessons and RF course from Udemy.
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    Hello guys,

    I am new to this site. I am planning to take the CWNA exam soon. I already have CCNA, JNCIA and CCNP certifications. I also have a Masters degree in telecommunication. But just to have deep knowledge I am doing CWNA. I bought the Sybex book of CWNA.
    Please please please let me know if you guys have any videos for the exam. Also approximately how much time will I need to be prepared for the exam.
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    My only problem is the Maths... I just can't seem to grasp the mathematical part of in the study guide. Any help from anyone? I really do appreciate it.
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    Don't focus on the formulas. You'll only really need to know the 10s and 3s which is in the CWNA textbook.
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