I've never considered Ciso certs...

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...is this a bad thing?

I realize their importance, but there are other things I would rather pursue.


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    I assume that those other things are security related, right? I recently read an article about the growing problem of many new security professionals lacking knowledge of network technologies. IMHO networking comes before security, and frankly I don't see any other way than Cisco.

    The thing is that CCNA won't be enough. It's Network++ combined with basic Cisco router and switches configuration, not nearly all relevant for a security pro. But, considering that most networks runs Cisco, you don't have much of choice, I think. Cisco certs would look very good with your future security certs.

    Of course you don't need to go for the exams, but you will need the knowledge. TCP/IP (in detail), common network designs, are just a couple of things you will need to know about in order to be able to protect or penetrate a network/system.
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    I agree that the knowledge is a must. However, I don't know that I want to take the time and pay the money to get my CCNA.
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    You should of course choose the path you think is most effective for your personal situation. But, can you afford not to be a CCNA (or more) when 'that' job position comes by? I assume you are not planning a long-term career in networking before you want to put your security knowledge to work, so you will need something else to prove your knowledge of networking. And I can't think of anything better than Cisco certs to do that. Surely there are plenty of other ways to gain the knowledge (i.e. read the O'Reilly books on the main network technologies and protocols, and digging in to sniffer output) but to get that job, you need something on your resume.

    I understand the dilemma though, and CCNA is not an easy exam to pass (mainly because of the high passing score). Plus you'd need a simulator or some lab equipment in addition to the usual book+practice exams combi. Still I think there's a big chance the investment will pay off some day.
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    I agree with web master.
    I assunme you want to secure networks. Most all the consultants and Sec Pros I know have there CISSP and CCSP.

    The CCSP shows the vendor ability. It does your client\employer no good that you know how you should configure a firewall but dont know the commands to do it, and if you do know all that the test will be easy. I would say look at the CCNA as the step toward your CCSP. If you are not going to go that far I would not mess with the CCNA. Why show you can do basic configs of a router and not prove your ability to secure them.

    What certs do you see as relavent? Sec+ and CISSP will be mighty lonely in your cert block.

    Also, would you see the importance in your MCSE?

    Just MHO.
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    I see some relevence in all certs I look at. With that being the case, I have to decide which ones are going to help me out the most. Honestly, I would consider getting my MCSA/MCSE before the CCNA.

    Almost every non-security related cert will complement your security certs in some manner, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's in your best interest to get them all.

    After I get my CEH cert, I'll be deciding between the CWNA/CWSP, or pursuing my MCSA.
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    I agree that if you are planning to get your MCSA and/or MCSE it's probably best to do CCNA after those. It's very difficult to get a job (experience) with 'just' CCNA if you don't have the experience. While you can work as a sys admin (MCSA/MCSE) and have a chance to work with Cisco products. Especially in smaller companies the sys admin also 'manages' the cisco routers and/or switches (after an external specialist has set them up), which allows the sys admin to put Cisco experience on his or her resume. If you combine that with a CCNA cert you'll actually benifit from the cert.

    If you are going for MCSA and/or MCSE after CEH, I recommend you take the MCSA and/or MCSE security specialization exams too. For MCSA:Security it's only one extra MS exam (since you already have Sec+) and that exam will go well with the CEH.

    Have you considered Linux certs? Knowledge of Linux is even more important than Cisco certs for a ethical hacker. But you probably found that out already with the CEH tools. When I first found out about the CEH I downloaded some of those tools, and I was glad that I had some basic linux skills from 'webmastering'.
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    Yes, and I'm considered it. There are a lot of certs which I will actually need.

    The only reason I feel I need to just go ahead and get my MCSA is that it could mean getting a job where, even though security wouldn't be my primary job function, I would get to secure the network. Especially if I was an admin for a smaller company.

    Quite honestly, I don't expect to jump into the security field. I fully expect to be an admin for a few years while I get some more experience. Getting my MCSA would really be beneficial in that aspect.

    The wireless certs are just so appealing. icon_wink.gif
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    I'm going for the MCSE + Sec, and while I am going to further study general security/penetration/wh hacking, I think ccna and maybe ccsp will eventually follow unless I can get into school easy.
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    I'm also doing an MCSE in Security, are you studying for Windows 2000 or 2003?
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    I'll be doing 2003. I've already got the books, as well as about 3 'demo' copies of 2003 server. Microsoft will send you one for free, plus you can download one.
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    i would say lets do the basic first... before you go securing networks. know the tcp/ip -> get in depth with it. as time goes by -> you will realized that you have to climb up from the bottom and voila -> there are many things that you dont even know as you go further. ( self experience ) :D
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