Cat6509 Flash card issue

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Hey techies.

Our EBiz 6509 runs dual Sup720's. The primary Sup, as of yesterday, began giving me grief. First, Triple-A failed, and only the local admin account was able to connect. Then, when I checked the log, I got a bunch of these errors:

Failed to read process memory of sbin/chkptd.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/pipe
Failed to read process memory of sbin/dumper.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/pcmcia_driver.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/bflash_driver.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/mqueue
Failed to read process memory of sbin/flashfs_hes.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/dfs_bootdisk.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/ldcache.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/watchdog.proc
Failed to read process memory of sbin/syslogd.proc

... and about 30 more.

Then I ran a dir with these results:

%Error opening disk0:/ (Too many open files)

A little digging showed that when the above happens, Trip-A cannot run properly.

So, as I've never had to swap flash cards before, and though I assume it's as simple as plug / play, I'd like to hear from any of you who've had a similar experience. My obvious concerns...

as this is the Primary Sup, will I cause a failover if I yank the card? (not that I care, just curious what to put in the EBF ticket).

is it considered good practice to pull the sup first, cause a failover, and eject / replace the card while the sup is powered off?

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  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I've never pulled the card for the primary. I always fail over before doing anything to the sup modules. Might as well to be on the safe side.
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    What networker050184 said.

    You sure its a bad card though? It looks more like an IOS bug to me because its complaining that it can't read program memory. The IOS image would have already been loaded off the card by this point and is resident in RAM. You should check with TAC.
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    Too many open files is normally an issue with the operating system, not the media
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    Fail over first to the secondary before pulling out the card. Fail it over again so the primary can be the primary again and see if everything comes back up online. Chances are there was a BUG like many have said here. If that doesnt work i would say fail over to the secondary and replace the card in the primary.
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