Ciampa and the second try...

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I took the test on Tuesday and got an 735! icon_sad.gif

I am taking a Sec+ course at a local community college, we are using Ciampas book. His book is EXACTLY what the title says it is; Security+ guide to Network Security Fundamentals. Not a real detail or contrast focused book for a newb. It requires a lot of outside investigation in order to become familiar with all the necessary technologies and their details/nuances. A lot of the key info he adds in the book is obscured until you learn more about the topic. Then it starts to click. For me, it seems as though the book needs more of a "bridge" in order to tie in the fundamentals to the details.

For anyone using this book I would recommend using Appendix A (which are the Exam Objectives) in the back to ensure you have the necessary knowledge and understanding. Just go down the list and make sure you can describe each topic and can contrast it with other similar items in that group. For example Symmetric vs. Asymmetric, 3DES vs. DES vs. AES, etc...

Worked for me anyway. After a few days of studying and researching that way, I feel more confident and have learned a lot more than just through the text itself.

Took the test again this morning and got an acceptable 835! :) But more importantly, I actually know the objectives I didnt just memorize answers!


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    Was the Security Guide to Network Security Fundamentals a 3rd edition and is it yellow with a fingerprint on the cover?

    ISBN: 1-4283-4066-1?

    If so it is horrible. We have the same one at my College. Not to mention expensive. icon_rolleyes.gif

    About a month back I purchased Darril's book.

    Congrats on your pass!
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    Yes that is the same book.

    From what I see in these forums I might have saved some cash by buying the other book. One voucher vs. two.
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    Yeah, I have to agree... that book is pretty poor. I finished reading it last week for class.

    Thankfully it has made Darril's book even easier to read since I've been over the material.
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    “The liberty of speaking and writing guards our other liberties.” -- Thomas Jefferson
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    Darril has written several other books too which may benefit you in your future quest for certs. For a complete listing go to Amazon and input Darril Gibson. He's even done some trainig videos'
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    Congrats! To just echo others, Darril's book is great, it helped me.
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