Contract Job in my company.

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Hi guys,

I thought I will let you all know about a contract job in my group. Contract is for one year. If my manager likes the person he might hire him full time.

Job Details
Engineering Job.. QA Engineer for Firewall testing.
Min: 3years of experience.. honestly if you do well in the interview it doesn't matter...
Routing/switching/security domain expertise is a plus..
Perl Scripting knowledge is a plus
Testing tool knowledge is also a plus...
VoIP knowledge is a plus... I do not mean Cisco deployments. I mean general intricacies of how SIP/H.323 or video protocols like RTSP work..

If interested email me at [email protected]... I usually get a lot of emails in that mail id.. so kindly in subject do put ATTN: QA Engineer

If you would require more details do email me... I would gladly answer...

Final decision rests with my manager. Also if your local to Bay area its a huge plus.. I usually believe in Face to Face interview...

Please no flaming...if this is not an appropriate post.

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    You may want to also post this thread in the IT Jobs/Degrees section unless this job specifies Juniper certs. Just a thought.
    No longer work in IT. Play around with stuff sometimes still and fix stuff for friends and relatives.
  • hoogen82hoogen82 Member Posts: 272
    Certification are not a pre req... But I would like someone who has knowledge on Junos...
    IS-IS Sleeps.
    BGP peers are quiet.
    Something must be wrong.
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