Which protocol ports are on the A+ exam?

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So I will probably be taking the exam soon and have been studying from the Cisco Academy curriculum. So far, the material has covered the port numbers for SMTP, IMAP and POP3. They briefly discuss the other ports (TCP/IP, HTTP, SSH, TelNet, and a few others) but I don't believe they provide the port numbers. So do I only need to know the numbers for the ones they told me, or should I be looking up the others as well?


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    I would AT LEAST know the following

    FTP 21
    SSH 22
    TELNET 23
    SMTP 25
    HTTP 80
    HTTPS 443

    POP3 110

    With port numbers, the more you know, the better off you are anyway. It will help if you try for more advanced exams like Net+ or Security+ in the future.
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    I have yet to get any port questions on any practice exam I have taken.
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    Just learn the basic ports now. If they're not on the exam, you still know them.
    Same goes for when you're studying for the Net+, go ahead and practice and learn subnetting and CIDR.
    You WILL need these things later on if you're in IT.
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    You can go here on my Site it cover's Basic Port's you would need to know plus the port's that are considered connection or connectionless oriented which is good to know too.

    Click the link below to get started!


    If you would like to know a little bit more on those ports and there protocols there's also a chapter for that too.

    Enjoy! Good luck everyone on your exam!
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