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I'm the newbie here lol and i got a tip that this is a great site to work with if you wanna past the A+ exams....Can anyone give me some tips on to passing the 701 & 702 exam because am kindof scared icon_cry.giflol cause its kindof new to me.......I've studied under the testout sim and read CompTIA A+ 220-701 and 220-702 Cert Guide and took the pratice exams and passed but i still feel that it isnt enough ........Can anyone help me with my dilemma of me making this test seems like its to save the human race lol


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    Sounds like you've got some good resources. Did you just do the practice exams with your testout sim? You may want to get another set of practice tests, maybe the exam cram book as it is a good "thin" book to use in reviewing and includes more practice exams.
    I've heard the 702 will ask about windows XP and Vista and how they are different so you may want to have hands on experience with both operating systems.
    Good luck in your studies, don't use brain **** (check sites on certgard before using them)
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    Understand the concepts. Understand how a printer works, understand how SCSI works and so on. Do not just memorize facts because you need to apply the knowledge to troubleshooting questions. Lastly remember to memorize anything and every thing with a number. Sorry to say there is no trick to the exam, understand the information (in the way it is presented). Know the stats front to back and you will do fine.

    The BIGGEST tip I can give you. Do not over think the questions, remember Comptia tests are entry level overall. The simple direct answer is the answer.

    Do not forget that is the spirit of a certification, understand the material then be tested on it to validate your knowledge. Do not use Braindumps they do not help you in the real world, and people who use them are readily apparent in the real world.

    Lastly welcome to the forum, I am new too and everyone has been very helpful and pleasant.
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