Passed the BCMSN

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Well, passed it today. Surprisingly had a lot of questions on qos. I'd recommend to study qos good along with VTP and STP. Now onto BCRAN!! Any questions on the BCMSN just let me know.



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    What did you use to prepare for the exam?
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    I used only the cisco press BCMSN exam certification guide. I have also had 2 years of experience with configuring and troubleshooting multilayer swithced networks in an enterprise network. I'd recommend a second source such as cisco press BCMSN study guide, because the exam certification guide left a few things out (most of which you could answer with some common sense). I chose the exam certification guide because it gets you prepared for the exam and doesn't tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about switches and networks (I get most of this from where I work).
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    I've put CCNP on hold for a while but I already have the exam certification guide for the BCMSN exam. I figure I should do some extra reading on QOS then ;)
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