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im just wondering how can i Software Deploy my Software within Windows 2008 and 2003?

Want to Install Office 2003 so when people log onto the Computers within the Network they will see Office Programs, Within the System, even tho they are only Installed within the Servers?

Would i need Nortons Ghost to do this or can it be done with out install the the programs in the Computers


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    If your on a AD domain you might want to look into deploying the software via GPO
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    I looked into this awhile back, but didn't really pursue it. Seems pretty good though:

    WPKG | Open Source Software Deployment and Distribution

    Edit: also, your posting might get better attention in the Off topic forum. This forum is used for general certification discussion, and software deployment is, topic. ;)
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    Ok, Chers it be nice to Get it Running, With out having to Install it on a couple of PC's was looking into VM ware.
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    jack84ie wrote: »
    even tho they are only Installed within the Servers?

    Unless you have a terminal server, remoteApp server, or Citrix app server, you cannot do this.

    You can however use group policy to publish or assign Microsoft Office to client machines.
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    We use altiris at my college for remote management and pushing software jobs.

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