Passed LPIC 101 Today

UnixGeekUnixGeek Senior MemberMember Posts: 151
I passed the LPIC 101 exam today with 690/800. The questions were extremely straight forward. No reading through a situation, trying extract what exactly needs to be accomplished, or filtering through marketing fluff. Unlike the Linux+ beta, I was actually very impressed with how this was put together.

I used the Jang book to prepare. If you're an experienced Linux user, and just want a refresher, this book is decent, but if you're new to Linux, I'd look elsewhere. There are enough errors in there so that someone who didn't have the experience to catch them would be thoroughly confused.

Next up for me is the 102 exam. I haven't decided yet whether to stick with the Jang book, or give one of the others a try. From flipping through the O'Reilly book, it seems to be a lot more accurate, even if the exam outline has changed since it was published.


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