Sec Analysis & secedit - Import Policy

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Am I right when I say you import inf (template) policy with Sec Analysis and import sdb with secedit.
Cause I ran into a question where the answer was using secedit to import a policy to an AD conainer (Domain) to all the users acc. and the file it was importing was a sdb file. Then I I looked on this web site about importing policy with secedit.
Secedit /configure /db secedit.sdb /cfg"c:\temp\custom.inf" /silent >nul

This command imports a security template file, “custom.inf” into the workstation’s or server’s local security database. /db must be specified. When specifying the default secuirty database (secedit.sdb,) I found that providing no path worked best. The /cfg option informs Secedit that it is to import the .inf file into the specified database, appending it to any existing .inf files that have already been imported to this system. You can optionally include an /overwrite switch to overwrite all previous configurations for this machine. The /silent option supresses any pop-ups and the >nul hides the command line output stating success or failure of the action.

So who do you import policy with secedit and sec analysis.
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