Private/public network configuration question

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Could someone please help me clear up a configuration dilemma I am having. I have 4 computers set up for my test environment- computer01, computer 02, computer03 and computer04. I need to have my for 4 computers configured/addressed on a private network I have set up (intranet). Additionally I have Routing and Remote Access set up with NAT(extranet). I haven't been having any problems configuring all the computers to connect on the intranet side, however when I try to configure NAT and bring in the internet everything falls apart. Could someone please walk through the proper set up for addressing each computer? Here are the details-
computer01 (Windows Server 2003 Ent)is the domain controller, DHCP server, DNS server and the router/NAT server (I know I shouldn't have DNS/DHCP on the same computer as the domain controller, but for simulation purposes I left it this way); computer01 also has 2 network adapters installed on it- named LAN01 and MYISP01. Private IP address pool of
computer04 (Windows XP Pro) is my laptop and connects to computer 01 through LAN01.
computer02 (Windows Server 2008 Ent) is a virtual server (although it doesn't have any services installed) that connects to computer01 through VMNetAdap01.
computer04 (Windows 7 Ent) is a virtual desktop that connects to computer01 through VMNetAdap02.
The only real change (I think) when adding the internet connection from my ISP is on computer01 and the routing/NAT.
Where I get messed up is on changing the IP address and default gateway to allow the intranet and extranet to co-exist; also which connections should be set up for automatic configuration and which for static. For better security I would also move DNS/DHCP to computer02 which has Win Serv 2008 installed. Thank you in advance for any assistance clearing this up. Also the book said I could get rid of DHCP since I was setting up NAT, but in the interest of trying to gain more familiarity working with the various servers I kept DHCP.


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    Actually I found out that there is nothing too fancy that needs to be done; the problems I was having were caused by issues with the VMWare net adapters not bridging with my LAN adapter. Once I fixed this issue everything worked fine.
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