Choosing a path, decisions!

Hi All,
I just passed 70-680 and am starting to think about what's next. I am an MCSE on Server 2003. I have a lot of experience with 2003, but not much on 2008 (my company is slow to upgrade--but I want to keep my skills relevant to the market).

I am looking at two paths;

1. Get CBT Nuggets and go for the 70-649 Upgrade Exam:

This path is expensive. Even though I use Server 2003 EVERY DAY, it has been a long time since I got my MCSE (12/2006). So the material is not very fresh. The CBT nuggets videos are 13 hours total. That doesn't seem like much. I have a great setup at home where I can lab.

2. Take each of the three exams individually:

Take 70-640/642/643. In this case I would probably buy the individual MS Press books. This would take the longest, cost half as much as the CBT Nuggets. It would probably prepare me better though since it has been a few years since I've taken the MCSE.

Right now I am leaning towards option 2. It is disheartening to think about taking those 3 exams (plus eventually the 4th for the :EA). I think I would learn the most that way though.

Any thoughts appreciated!

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