640-721 Exam Format

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Also one more thing, what is the passing mark and how many questions are there on a 640-721 ?


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    As a matter of policy Cisco Systems, Inc. does not disclose the content of our certification exams. This includes exam pass marks, the exact number of questions on each exam, as well as the number of each type of question a candidate will see during their exam.
    Sorry but no one is likely allowed to answer those questions (the latter two are explicitly forbidden by the NDA, while the pass mark they'd prefer not to release).
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    Also one more thing, what is the passing mark and how many questions are there on a 640-721 ?
    You've been around to various areas in this forum asking the same sorts of questions about different exams. People on here work very hard for their certifications and take pride in their accomplishments.
    That being said, you are not likely to get answers to most of your questions as violating the NDA could cause a person to be stripped of certs and possibly banned for life from attainning anymore certs.
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    A lot of the answers to your questions are on the Cisco website.

    Certification Exam Policies - IT Certification and Career Paths - Cisco Systems
    Exam Scoring

    Passing scores are set by using statistical analysis and are subject to change. At the completion of the exam, candidates receive a score report along with a score breakout by exam section and the passing score for the given exam. Cisco does not publish exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice.
    For public information about a specific exam, you can start on the main Cisco Certification web page, select the link to the specific certification track, and follow the link for the specific exam
    IT Certification - Cisco - Cisco Systems

    If you poke around a bit you can even find the page that lists all the exams
    Certification Exams - IT Certification and Career Paths - Cisco Systems

    According to Cisco, the wireless exam is:
    Duration:90 minutes (75 to 85 questions)
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