DNS dynamic update for client

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I double click the A Resource Record for computer2 on the dns console installed on computer1, i see that the TTL value is 20 minutes. Does this mean that the Resource Record for computer2 will only stay for 20 minutes on the cache of the client that had queried for computer2?

That confuses me because the "minimum (default) TTL" and "TTL for this record" settings under the SOA tab are all set to 1 hour. I thought that would determine how long the Resource Record would stay in the cache.


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    Basically, it works like this:

    Minimum (Default) TTL: You specify this in the SOA tab of the zone. It determines the default TTL that is applied to all resource records in the zone. TTL values aren't relevant for resource records within their authoritative zones though, only when the record is in a non-authoritative space.

    TTL For This Record: The value you configure here determines the TTL of the present SOA resource record. It overrides the default value setting in the previous field.
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    computer2 resource record was in an authoritative space, why did that only have 20 mins for TTL when I double clicked on it?
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    No idea.

    Google searching didn't come up with much that was useful.
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