Passed CWNA PW0-104

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I passed the PW0-104 today! I felt very well prepared for the exam after drilling for the last few months on the objectives and taking the practice tests on The test turned out to be much harder than I thought it would. You really have to analyze the questions to figure what they are really asking and what the best answer is. Here's how I did:

Radio Frequency Technologies - 71%
IEEE Regulations and standards - 80%
IEEE 802.11 Protocols and Devices - 76%
IEEE 802.11 Network Implementation - 90%
IEEE 802.11 Network Security - 85%
IEEE 802.11 RF Site Surveying - 66% (ouch)

Total Score - 78%

Not the best score, but a pass is a pass. My study method:

1. Read the Sybex book cover to cover while taking detailed notes
2. Took the chapter tests on CD that came with the sybex book after each chapter
3. Took practice tests on (don't memorize these questions or think you'll ever see them again)
4. Re-read portions of the book I felt weak in. Feedback from practice tests helped identify those areas.
5. Lightly glanced at a few white papers.
6. Searched for weak subjects on wikipedia.
7. Took bonus exams on sybex cd and reviewed the included flashcards.
8. Read through posts on this forum and the forum to get a feel for other peoples experience with the exam.

I did also take a class a few years ago over the PW0-100 objectives and made and attempt at the exam in October of 2008 and scored a 68%. I put the cert on hold due to limited funds and the version of the exam was being retired a week or so after I took it. I do highly recommend taking an authorized training class as it was very helpful and informative (and very expensive).

I do also have some experience working with wireless equipment. I work on a multi wireless controller based network in a college campus environment. We use several VLANs and WLAN profiles on our network. I have installed and deployed autonomous APs at remote sites that use a NAC device at our main site over a VPN. We also have a remote building set up with a point to point bridge that I set up a few years ago. I use netstumbler, air magnet planner, and air magnet survey for performing site surveys.

All in all, it feels good to have this exam out of the way so I can move on to something else. My CCNA is up in November, so I'll probably work on renewing that.


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