Passed the essentials

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I just got back from passing A+ 220-701 Essentials Exam. Honestly I was pretty worried this morning but it didn't end up being that bad. I scored an 830. Now to take the practical exam.... is there a site explaining the main differences in the practical exams? I don't know which one I should take....

Thanks in advance! :)


  • ErdySouthErdySouth Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hahaha I just noticed that the 3 different practical exams are for the 2006 edition, not the 2009! Sorry.
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    There is only 1 for this exam. Congrats on the new cert.
    Be sure and study up on XP and Vista Operating systems and their differences. I hear they test you some on those. I also hear the 702 is much harder. Good luck!
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    Congrats on passing the essentials, I took my Essentials April 2nd and the practical applications wednesday. The 702 is a little bit harder, but nothing crazy, good luck to ya!
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