I need to be educated on what exams to take as a beginner

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Pls i need to be educated on the certificate exams to take as a beginner. I am a computer technician and will want to obtain both microsoft certification and the cisco certification. The more i read throough the requirement the more i get confused.


for every no, you are moving closer to a yes


  • /usr/usr Member Posts: 1,768
    A+ and Network plus, from CompTIA are good for a beginning tech.

    For Microsoft certs, you'll want to look into the MCSA first. It's a series of exams, you can find more information by searching Microsofts webpage.
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    He's definately right, do those first. Plus when you take the MCSA tests, you can substitute A+ and Network+ for a Microsoft elective, allowing you to complete MCSA in just 3 exams instead of 4. Best of luck!
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    I agree CompTIA A+ and Network+ is a great start. It builds foundation for anyone wanting to be a tech. After you do that and also get some experience then choose which route to take whether it be Microsoft, Cisco, etc.
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