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Well, the time has come around for me to renew (CCNA), but I'd like to do it by focusing on the next level up. I am planning on putting together a smaller home-made lab that would be sufficient for CCNP studying. If at all possible, I'd like to be able to use this equipment for other purposes (CCXP, CCNA cons) for when I'm ready to broaden my horizons as well.

I kinda didn't deal with much cisco stuff for about 6 months after schooling, but went and got my CCNA before I forgot anything else, and then after that I haven't gotten a chance to work on any cisco equipment since. So the only practice I'd had in the last 2 1/3 years is a little bit of packet tracer. I really want my own lab - even if its small to start.

Does anyone have any suggestions to help me get started or what I need? Any good places to find cheap quality cisco equipment? Thanks for the help.


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    CCNP Lab Suggestions

    I'm working towards my CCNA, but I've found their website a bit helpful with suggestions.

    A seasoned pro here should be able to offer more advice though :)
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    I have
    2 x 2501
    1 x 2611xm
    1 x 2620xm with 4 serial ports
    2 x 2950
    1 x 2900
    all held together with a 2509 term server. Worked great for ccna but now I am buying more 2501 for the BSCI. I like the cheap cost of the 2501 and has 2 serial ports which makes it easy to build "larger" networks.

    If you contact bob over at CiscoKit and tell him what you next test it (route,switch) he can give you a shopping list of what to purchase.

    My personal thought is a 2611xm or 2620xm with 4 serail ports to act like a frame cloud and 3 or 4 2501's. I am only speaking with my knowledge of the BSCI other hopefully will have more input base on the other tests.
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    I tried to be as cheap as possible with no job.

    I got two 3550's (BCMSN, ONT)
    1 2650xm with Call manager express and AdvancedIPServices IOS ($200.00) (ONT,ISCW)
    1 7940 IP phone for ONT (Overkill, but fun)

    I used GNS 3 and an AdvancedIPServicek9 IOS for my BSCI, ISCW.

    I took a class in college on the BSCI so I do have prior experience with a physical lab. I am not sure if GNS 3 would be as useful without some hands on in the past.
    Struggling through the re-certification process after 2 years of no OJT for the CCNP.
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    You can get these Devices for medium lab for ccna and ccnp
    2xSwitches 2950
    layer 3 Switch 3550 EMi
    3xRouters 1721 with WIC-2T
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