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I wanted to say thanks to a great website. I teach computers at a vocational school for the second year students(seniors) and Network + is one of the subjects I teach. One of the biggest problems I have is getting the kids to take the exam. They buy the vouchers (We're part of CompTia E2C program, so the students get the exams for 1/2 $) but never use them. This year I decided to bus them to a testing center. I took 25 students, 15 passed and another four missed it by 1 correct answer. We used the Sybex Network+ book 3rd edition. After studing the book, we used the TechExams Notes. The kids really enjoyed the Notes, they said that helped alot. The biggest problem on the exams was all the scenario questions, I guess we'll work more on that next year. I got a local junior college to give the students college credit if they get a "B" or higher in our computer classes, so they can enter that college with 7 credits. What a great way to start college. Onto Security +. I told them they'll need to study harder for that exam.


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    Thank you for the feedback icon_cool.gif

    I consider it an honor that my TechNotes are used at schools, and for people of all ages. I wasn't expecting that when I wrote them. There are several other schools and colleges at which they use these notes and although selling products is not our primary business, I do have special licenses for classroom use of the Special Edition. Feel free to mail me for more info.

    I'm doing an extensive rewrite for the new Network+ exam (2005 objectives) and will try to focus some more on those scenario questions as they are indeed the hardest part of the exam.

    Have fun with Sec+ ;)
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