NAP 802.1X authentication via PEAP-TLS question

danc_101danc_101 Member Posts: 60 ■■□□□□□□□□
Is anyone using the above in a production environment ?

I've been tasked to secure a LAN via 802.1X with 2008 NPS / XP SP3 clients / Cisco switches using PEAP-TLS etc etc.

I've got it all working in a test lab except that failed access requests are not been logged in the NPS log (/system32/Logfiles).

Successful connections are logged ok but I want to know who has tried to connect.

I've been looking at this for 3 days straight now and its driving me mad !

I'm not using any Health Policies, only a single Connection Request Policy with Authentication type of PEAP-TLS and 2 Network Policies (1 allowing 1 denying)

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