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I am a .Net developer and have been working with .Net Framework since .Net 1.1. As new contracts increasingly require MCAD or MCPD, I am thinking of getting MCPD so 536 is my first exam. Should I start with a book or go ahead to try the practice test out to see where I am at? Which book or online practice test is better? I greatly appreciate your advice.


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    For all training resources for any Microsoft cert, have a search through Microsoft Learning. For books, I would suggest having a read through the online reviews at amazon.com. I think you'll find people agree that no single book covers any of the exams well, and you will need to study from multiple resources. Whatever book(s) you do buy, be sure to get the latest errata off the publisher's Web site. And I'll recommend Trancender's .NET practice exams only because they have good stuff I can't think of anybody else who has any. And finally, read the posts in this form made by people who have actually studied for and taken .NET exams.
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    Here is a little offer from MS where they send you a set of measure up practice test questions and some webcasts Test Your Knowledge
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