*New moderators!*

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Hi all,

I'm proud to announce we have two new moderators! Ahriakin and Aldur. Both are well-known in the community so I will skip the introduction. :D

- Ahriakin will help us moderate some of the Microsoft forums as well as the General Certification and Off-topic forum.

- Aldur is our new Juniper forums moderator and will also keep an eye on the other forums in the 'Others' category.

They're here to help, please treat them with the same respect you've shown me and the other mods over the years. If you want a sticky post, think something should be deleted/merged/split or otherwise require mod assistance feel free to send them a PM.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who used the Report to Admin option on spam (or **** posts etc) you encountered. Especially with some of the downright sneaky spammers we get the report option is sometimes our first line of defense so please do continue to use it because when you see such a post it most likely means we haven't yet.



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