XP problem any ideas

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Have a system with xp on it, was working fine now when i try to bootup it goes through the post properly. Then stops at a black screen. Tried safe mode the same happens. tried last known good configuration and the same happens.
Got a feeling its somthing got to do with ntldr.
could it be a virus ?
Any suggesttions?


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    My best guess would be to try running the Recovery Console. To me it sounds like it might be something to do with the master boot record. To fix this just type "fixmbr" in the console. If that does not work you could also try to re-install the OS and hope that it fixes any problems that you might have. It's very hard to determine the problem because you didn't state whether you had changed anything or not. It's unusual for it to all of a sudden stop working without some change affecting it. First I would try the Recovery Console. Hopefully someone with more experience with XP might be able to give better advice.

    Good Luck,
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    If that doesn't work, try this page:
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    If the others (good suggestions - if you thought to intsall Recovery Console - I didn't for some time) don't work & you MUST have the data (not backed up) maybe you can buy a cheap new disk, install XP on it, then install the bad drive as a SLAVE and see if you can get the data.

    Your idea of a virus is possible - so clean everything after you are done.
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