Bachelor's or Bust

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I'm about to complete my associate's in Information Systems. I want to get certified before I consider going for a bachelor's. Is this logical?


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    What certification are you looking for? While you are doing school and in school, I'd continue on and go right into your bachelors degree and pick up certifications along the way. Unless you are planning on working in your field while you get your bachelors it wouldn't hurt to wait on the certification. However, if it's the A+ and N+ certs that won't be lifetime after this year, get those now, but you don't have to stop school to pick them up. It should tie right in line with what you have learned in school so far.
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    Different paths work for different people. I stopped after an associates because I had a really good job offer that was going to put me right into the field with opportunities to learn. I worked for several years, got fairly well certified and am just now going back to finish a bachelors.
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    I earned 5 certifications while completing my Bachelors Degree. I suggest doing your Bachelors and Certifications at the same time, waiting to complete a degree is just time wasted in my opinion. Besides many classes should pertain to your certifications if your education goals are similar to your certification goals.
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    In regards to MeanDrunkR2D2, I'm aiming to take the certifications for A+, Network +, and one of the Microsoft certs between now and Fall.
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    Good idea. Best if you try to certify now on what you've learned
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    Salvdor wrote: »
    In regards to MeanDrunkR2D2, I'm aiming to take the certifications for A+, Network +, and one of the Microsoft certs between now and Fall.

    Go and get the A+ and Network + ones this year. They aren't tough and if you pick up a good book to solidify your knowledge on it you'll pass them and think "Dang, that was easy" and you'll have a life long certification. I recommend the Mike Meyer's books.

    Continue with your schooling unless you have a fabulous job offer right now. And get those Comptia certs now while you continue you schoolwork. The A+ you should have no problem with, and with a refresher on N+ should get you prepared and passed within the next month or two if you take your time.
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    Pick up the A+, Network+, and Security+ this year so you will be certified for life. If you do them next year you will be required to pay a yearly fee for them to be maintained, as well as CPEs, or re-certification.
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    Why wait? Do both.
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    You should complete your bachelors while you are still in the school mode. If you put it off you may never get back. I finish my Bachelors in IT from South University in December. I put it off for over 20 years, wish I finished back in the 1980's.
    I am studying for my CCNA while in school, you get tired of studying, but will be glad when it is over.
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    Why wait? Do both.

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