which topic to focus

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Im considering taking this exam in less than 2 weeks. I have covered the material and now its time to review notes and do some sample questions. due to the broad scope in this exam i canot expect to know everything perfectly within the 6 week window of time ive had to study so i need to prioritise the time in the next 10 days on whatever ms focus on most.

So my question is does ms eg. 25% of exam to dns 25% to security, 25% to ip etc. or is it lke eg. 40% dns 15% security or some such?

Does ms focus more on certain topics or is all evenly scored? There is so much to cover that ill likely freak out trying to nail it all over the next 10 days so i have decided to skim the notes on all but dns and dhcp or no ip or uh Any advice.

Thanks Celtic
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