Where you want to be in 5 years/certification goals? interview quesiton

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Given the high incidence of job-hopping in IT compared to other fields, this is something I wonder how to answer in an interview. You need to show that you're not a slacker but I fear that ambition is a double-edged sword here.

Having just finished my CCNP and moved on to the CCVP, which I also intend to complete this year, I have fairly high expectations for the future. Depending on the focus of my next job I will do either a voice or R&S ccie. I eventually want to do both. That said, I don't want them to think i'm going to quit in 18 months...

What's the best way to approach this?


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    ciscog33k wrote: »
    Given the high incidence of job-hopping in IT compared to other fields, this is something I wonder how to answer in an interview. You need to show that you're not a slacker but I fear that ambition is a double-edged sword here.
    . . .
    What's the best way to approach this?

    I'd like to tell them of my secret desire to be Imperial Galactic Star Commander and rule the galaxy, but then restraint kicks in. :D:D

    Seriously, though, I've always been polite but honest. I've usually told bosses that I want to be one, and have had them joke with me ("Oh, so you want my job?") but have not had any problems.
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    "Where do you want to be in five years?"

    "The go-to man for the company's IT. Maybe not the director, unless you've got plans to leave, but most definitely the most knowledgeable and dependable technician on staff."

    Change it up a bit to fit the culture and type of company.

    I am so thankful I work for a business partner/VAR. I was asked that question in my interview for my current job, and I simply told them "Running my own business/IT management firm." Quote from last week, from my boss: "I hate to say it, but I know you're going to leave us. Maybe not this year, maybe not in three years, but anyone who really gets along well with an entrepreneurial company is usually an entrepreneur themselves. I fully expect you to leave us at some point, and I'm fine with that."
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    "Where do you want to be in five years?"

    I'm guessing this is not the forum to discuss me, Halle Berry, and a Jamaican Beach!!! icon_wink.gificon_wink.gif

    My plan in five years is to be a Sr. Network Engineer.
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    I usually ask them who the head of whatever job I'm applying for is, and then tell them I see myself doing that job.

    Surprisingly, that answer goes over well. Interviewers like to see candidates with ambition
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    My current project is requiring me to do more project management tasks such as estimating labor hours, equipment costs, service contracts and legal regulations.

    I am getting even another project next week where i have to plan, prepare the budget and design a way to connect two labs on opposite ends of the building. I have never did any planning for fiber, equipment costs etc. So I see the benefit of being IT literate and given projects so I want to get into more project management opportunities
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    YouTube - Family Guy

    I leave my response rather open. I don't pigeon-hole myself into a specific role or title, but essentially say that I love learning, sharing knowledge, and being challenged. I want to have a role that will develop along with myself. If it doesn't look like that is feasible for the position, I'd rather establish that at the onset and not waste anyone's time.
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    I usually wing it depending on the interview.
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    Whatever it is I'm doing in 5 years time, I aim to be happy doing it.
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    At the top of my game still looking for new challenges to be conquered an yet unknown goals to be achieved. Five years is a very long time in the technology field.

    or if you are a really really high achiever;
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    TheShadow wrote: »
    ...To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women

    Ha! I'll need to put barbarian on my qualifications list. Luckily I've had experience as a printer technician.
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    Remember this question is asked to check what you really want to do. Many people are not sure of what they want to do. That’s why interviewer asks this question. Just mentioning a designation is not enough, you must tell the interviewer your goals and what you hope to achieve in future. In the IT industry it is easy to say that you want to become a team or tech lead, but what the employer is looking at from this question is the kind of roles and responsibility that you would want to handle.
    So answering that you want to do your CCIE is a good start, but also add what your ambitions are having gained that. Keep it focused where possible to the role\company your applying for and emphasise your a professional and a team player.
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    dynamik wrote: »

    Without even looking I know which Family Guy clip that is. "Doing your.... son?"

    "Where do you want to be in five years?"

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    dynamik wrote: »

    Damnit, I came here to post this.
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    Good question... I just earned my CISSP, and in five years I expect to have the CISSP:ISSEP designation, maybe CISM, and be an IAM... I don't see myself leaving the DoD sector anytime soon. debatable on whether to stay a contractor or switch to GS.
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