The beast is no more!

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- Passed with a 763
- First 9 questions were SIMS
- Total of 40 questions
- A little over 2 hours to complete (I was surprised because it said 3 hours when I signed up) I had a half hour left when I finished the test and used the time to review

I read through all of MS Press and went through all the practice tests, I did not read through all of Exam Cram but I just went through the practice tests, and used the internet alot for research, plus I am exposed to it at my work. I had trouble with RRAS and security. I was not glad to see about 3 or 4 questions on WSUS3.0 as the books only talked about SUS. This is the first test I prepared hard on as the 70-290 almost kicked me in the butt and it gave me an idea how to approach these tests.

If I could do anything different, I would get another resource with more practice questions and I would have studied a little more heavily on RRAS concept.

I have one more test to complete and I will be MCSA certified whoohoo!



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